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Q: Where are you based? Do you have a physical store?

A: We are based in Auckland. We operate online only as an Ecom store. All stock is held in and dispatched from Auckland, New Zealand. Special order items are sourced from our overseas suppliers and also dispatched locally upon arrival. 

Q: Will this steering wheel fit my car?

A: All the aftermarket steering wheels sold on the Racehub NZ website are for universal application. The compatibility will depend on your vehicle's steering hub (also known as boss kit). Some vehicles have a 6 bolt mounting hub. Other vehicles require an aftermarket 6 bolt hub (boss kit) to be installed. The 6 bolt mounting pattern can be classified as either 70mm PCD (MOMO, Sportline, Works Bell, OMP, Sparco etc) or 74mm PCD (Nardi, Personal, and Luisi). Nearly ALL 6 bolt mounted steering wheels are designed to bolt directly onto either of the 2 major types of bolt patterns. Some aftermarket boss kits are multi stud and offer both patterns. Most quick release kits offer a multi stud application.

Q: Hub? Boss kit? What's the difference?

A: The terminology can vary globally. Generally, the terms 'boss kit' and 'hub' are more or less interchangeable. On most factory setups, there is no detachable hub or boss kit as the steering wheel is one unit that bolts onto the steering column spline. For universal or aftermarket steering wheel fitment, an aftermarket hub or boss kit is required to be bolted onto the driver end of the steering column spline which acts as an adapter for mounting of an aftermarket steering wheel using a 6 bolt pattern.

Q: What is a Quick Release?

A: A Quick Release Kit (or sometimes colloquially referred to as quick release hub or adapter) is an optional universal application accessory designed for the instant removal and reattachment of your steering wheel. A quick release kit is used for convenience in order to allow ease of access into the driver's seat, particularly in situations where there may be a fixed back bucket seat and/or a roll cage present. Some customers consider a quick release kit to act as an anti-theft measure also. In most cases, a quick release kit should be paired up with a short boss kit (hub) as using a standard length boss kit may bring the steering wheel too close to the driver's chest. This is dependant on personal preference and driving position.

Q: Will your products pass LVVTA certification?

A: If you are in New Zealand, we encourage you to contact the LVVTA to discuss your application. Please also refer to this document and the general LVVTA website for guidance:

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to comply with the relevant laws and requirements. We will do our best to provide guidance but this is not legal advice or override local authority. You must ensure that you are installing the correct products in the correct manner. We have supplied products that have been certified by LVVTA however each certification process is unique and specific to that customer's vehicle.

Racehub NZ fully supports LVVTA's position on using high quality steering components. All products stocked and sold by Racehub NZ are of the highest quality and are rigorously tested by the manufacturers.