Products Quick Release & Security Keylock System+e for Rapfix II Red

Works Bell Keylock System+e for Rapfix II Red


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NOTE: This is not a boss kit or quick release kit. It is an optional add-on accessory for the Rapfix II quick release kit. You cannot use this product without a Works Bell Rapfix II unit. 


The Rapfix Key Lock System+e security cap attaches in seconds with a simple turn and click action onto the plug end of the Rapfix II unit. A car without its steering function becomes incredibly difficult or near impossible to steal. 

A key improvement over the previous model is the "+e" function whereby the horn will sound off if the key lock body is pressed when the locking mechanism is engaged, providing a second line of defense for when your alarm/immoboliser fails in the theft attempt. 

Constructed of ultra tough A6061 billet alloy, it features an ultra scratch resistant almite surface finish, and a high security non-pick cylinder lock mechanism with a ball bearing action and unique keys.


  • Made of A6061 Aluminum
  • Alumite coating for ultimate scratch resistance
  • Cylinder Lock cannot be picked
  • Lost keys can be easily replaced using supplied serial number
  • +e function with car horn acting as secondary alarm if tampered with whilst lock engaged

The Works Bell Rapfix Key Lock System is available in Red or Black finishes.


  • The plus e-function (horn sound trigger) is not assembled at the time of shipment.  You will need to manually engage this during installation
  • The plus e-function cannot be used in vehicles where the horn does not sound when the ignition is off.

Racehub NZ is New Zealand's official distributor & authorised dealer for genuine Works Bell products direct from the manufacturer.



Universal - must be used with Rapfix II quick release kit